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School Management Software

The education industry is on edge of a Huge change. The need of manpower is increasing with the growth in the Education industry, and a huge demand-supply gap is expected in the education space. To overcome these challenges resulting from such gaps, this industry needs IT solutions to manage its resources with optimal efficiency.

Vida School ManagementSoftware is a complete application which helps to upgrade the standard of any school not only in the management level but also helps in transforming the educational standards, increase the security system of the school, manager the resources in efficient way, faculties and management team, provides complete IT infrastructure to the schools.

Software Features
  • Student registration
  • Student search
  • Student edit
Student attendance
  • Add attendance
  • Edit attendance
  • Search
  • Add fees
  • Search fees Class
Class setting
  • Setting new class
  • Migrate student
Class teacher
  • View
  • Edit
  • New
  • View
  • Search
  • New
  • Edit
  • View
  • Search
  • Add
  • Staff registration
  • Staff attendance
  • Add
  • Edit
  • View
  • Search Holidays
  • Holiday setting
  • Edit
  • View Exams
  • Set up exam
  • Exam Search Marks
  • Make exam report card
  • Make annual report card
  • Search marks Library
Book registration
  • Book issuing
  • Book search
  • Book return Make reports
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Bonafide
Bank Details
  • Bank Accounts
  • Account Type
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Schedule Payments
  • Schedule receipts
  • Salary
  • Salary Slip
  • Loan
  • Form 16
  • Settings
  • Inventory Items
  • Vendor Registration
  • Float Quotation
  • Confirm Quotation
  • Vendor Invoice
  • Stock Transfer
Asset Management
  • Valuating Assets
  • Recording Assets
  • Maintanance
  • Budjet Planing
  • Fund Allocation
  • Fund Flow
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Email
  • Organization
  • Donation Add

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Now a days many Indian educational organizations has got multiple educational institutes in their hands. Those institutes may be in same premises or in many different locations additional to this those institutes drive same or many different courses.
Vida technologies school management software is perfect solution for an educational organization operating numbers of school on same or different location. This software is based on latest technology, includes all the features that requires to run a educational organization or institute
Why Vida School Management Software ?

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